Swan Challenge 6 Hours 2022

Disclosure: Ad / PR Products – The apparel I am wearing is from Brooks Running as part of the Run Happy Team 💙

I set off at a time not unreasonable for a work day, and before I knew it I was at Coombe Abbey Park.

What a place! It looked gorgeous from the drive in and I knew we were in for a treat. I went to register, visit the loos and then back to the car to get ready. I bumped in to quite a few familiar faces- it was so great to catch up with everyone I now call my Big Bear friends. I have met such lovely people through these events.

After an efficient briefing we were soon on the way. I was running with my friend Rahema and she kindly ran this first lap with me at the paces my coach set. And stopped for me to go find my dropped sunglasses!

The first lap flew by – such great conversation- and soon I was on lap 2. This park is so fabulous and there’s something new to see on each pass by.

Photo by the lovely Nick for Big Bear Events

The meadow was a little tricky bit- it was one of those inclines you don’t notice at first… but after this second go through I started to notice, eeek.

After lap 2 I was feeling pretty good. I was sticking to my pace nicely and my legs felt alright! It was feeling very warm (I think it was a lot warmer than it seemed with the wind…) and I was going through about 500ml of fuel / water per lap. I was enjoying myself loads and it was the most consistent I had run for ages. I treated myself to a bit of swiss roll and it was on to lap 3.

Lap 3 started well but at about half way my legs were letting me know they wanted to stop soon. Weirdly, it was my quads popping up with the commentary. They don’t usually give me any bother! I kept them going bit it was getting tougher. Rahema text me to say let’s do lap 4 together- so I told my legs we were carrying on.

I took on a bit too much water after lap 3 (just before starting 4) and on lap 4 I felt like a washing machine sloshing about, and it made me feel a bit sick. So we went for a gentle lap. I couldn’t stick to my paces in this last 5k do the PB was out – but I czme over the line with a 2nd fastest ever half, 20k, 10mi and 15k. So I was well happy!

I had an ice cream, got changed, picked up my camera and did a little photography for the rest of the Swan Challenge event… then I was out properly on course as the Coombe 10k photographer in the evening. A great day all round!

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