Birch Challenge 6 Hours 2022

I signed up to this event with the aim of doing 6 laps as my long run for the week, as a training run for another race.

I knew nothing much about it, apart from it was quite far away… until at another event I was told it was hilly. So I came slightly prepared!

The day before I rolled my foot when walking and ended up with bruised and battered knees sat on the pavement. So that meant I was unsure if I’d be a DNS until the day of as I did not want to jeopardise my goal race if I had hurt my foot or ankle.

The day came and I tested out the foot with no issues at 5AM, strapped it (just in case), packed my vest and away I went.

I started the race by walking with my poles to make sure I wasnt going to aggravate anything…. Then added a bit more running on each lap, for a total of 5 laps.

After the first lap I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to go that far, but after carrying on I soon got in to the right frame of mind.

After 2 laps, I mixed up more bottles, ate some aid station snacks and decided I’d do a half. After 3 laps I was definitely only doing 4. Ha!

4 laps done and I set off on my last one, this always seems to happen… always one more!

The last was (I think) was my fastest as I still had some energy left! It was an amazing venue and the travel to this race was well worth it.

A lovely day out and it featured more walking than I expected, but the time on feet was the main aim of this race!

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