The best of 2021’s running adventures

I can’t believe I’m rounding up my 4th year of running!

Last year I wrote…

This year was supposed to be the year of ultras, but it didn’t turn out that way (for reasons we all know about of course), with two real life races and a broken ankle.

This year was also supposed to be that, but I had a stress fracture and COVID. I suppose 3rd time might be the charm. But an side effect of this is my running photography has really improved and I have enjoyed photographing so many runs!

So here are my favourite events in 2021!

5. Run Silverstone

I got me a 10k PB! And ran with my favourite running friend.

4. The Other Run

A fun trail half, a lovely day out. With ice lollies!

3. Big Bear Salcey Forest 6/12 hrs

I loved this whole series so much!

2. Maverick Buckinghamshire

Amazing views, mud in summer, brilliant company.

1. Big Bear Rainbow Challenge

So proud of this race, and at my absolute favourite venue, Salcey Forest!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m 2.5yrs into running and have been injury free so far, well I twisted my knee in the first year but that’s not the same as a break or COVID. I hope 2002 brings you lots of happy miles.

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    1. Kaz says:

      Thank you very much – I hope the same for you! 😊


  2. Mark says:

    Injuries suck! I try to use them as a chance to learn and then improve my strength training or running style… but that is just me trying to be positive as they are just rubbish really! Hope 2022 brings you no injuries and lots of fun

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