Bigfoot Challenge 6 Hours 2021

I had COVID over Halloween, and since then running has been difficult. After my really big effort at the Rainbow Challenge I knew this would be a really different race.

My goal before having COVID was to do 5km more than last time, but I knew this wasn’t possible. So I settled on doing my Couch to 5km intervals for 1 lap. They were 90s run, 2m walk.

On arrival, the venue was looking awesome. I had never been to Daventry Country Park before and it looked great. I paid for parking (£2 for the whole day!), popped to registration and promptly hid in my car. It was cold.

After some pre-race sugar free Monster (I know…) I headed over to the start where I saw lots of familiar friendly faces. After coming to these races for a few years, you start to recognise people and look forward to seeing them!

I was trying out some new trail shoes, some Adidas Terrex and they did not disappoint! I don’t know how they would fare over longer distances- I have put serious miles on my Cascadias but they were great for this. This picture was taken on my way to the start and not being dramatic or anything but I couldn’t feel my toes!

After a quick race briefing we were off. I positioned myself last, and really took it easy. I was doing my intervals and enjoying the lovely route.

As runners started coming back towards me I was buoyed by the support I was receiving. A truly great bunch of people! I was running slowly, last and really felt that support. I was doing the best I could do. By 3km in, I was feeling like I did 25km in to the last one. I kept going.

Soon enough I was back at HQ, and called it a day. 6km was absolutely everything I could do.

I popped to my car, got changed and put on my ridiculous hoodie blanket. I grabbed my camera and joined Nick, the excellent regular photographer, for some race photography – after helping myself to a mince pie from the aid station!

I really enjoyed my day, I know I still have a way to go fitness wise but it was nice to take part.

I got the first one home award for my efforts, now out of the 3 there’s just furthest distance traveled left… one day…

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