Run Silverstone 2021

The last time this race was held in person, I did a 5km in 2019.

I vowed to come back and do the 10km which is what I did.

Last time I was so impressed with the start pens covering a whole range of paces, and that hasn’t changed. After arriving it was just as well organised as last time, and I was so surprised to see so many people all in one place!

I met up with my friend Becky who was going to help me run as consistently as possible.

She is always right that I don’t need my coat but I never listen!

As we lined up to start I was feeling really nervous- I had paces in my head I wanted to hit but wasn’t really believing in myself…

We set off and kept the pace! It was lovely, but very samey, running on the track. It was great experience and so fun to run past the wing, but mentally a tough race for me.

The first 4km felt like it was going on forever, after that I felt a little better but I think I have forgotten how far and hard it is to run 10km without stopping to take photos all the time!

This is the only bit where I got my camera out.

I’m so grateful to Becky for keeping me going and sending me off at the end to pick up the pace to the finish – without doubt I’d probably have given up on my goal without her!

I think I will be back to have another go at 10km next year, and see if I can improve again. A fabulous race and I was very happy with a 1 minute PB.

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