Woodpecker Challenge 6 Hours 2021

I started the day with a can of Monster… this is important later… ha! And off I went to Brixworth Country Park for a Big Bear event!

So after arriving, making a meal out of the parking machine and popping to the loo it was time to get going. I had 16km as a goal, and was tempted by 21km… but I’m trying to be a bit sensible these days in my recovery.

The day started windy and chilly, and on my first lap I was right at the back, trying to keep my strategy in my head and not be influenced by others.

My first 3k was quicker than I’d have liked, so dialled it back for the last two on the first lap, these two were then slower than I’d have liked. So it evened out I think!

A quick stop to chat and I was off again, and it started to heat up a bit and the sun was shining. It was a beautiful day.

I was slower than I wanted for the next 5km and in km 9 my heart rate went quite high. I think the caffeine intake is something to learn from as I alluded to in my first sentence. However, the views were stunning and I was having a lovely time so I stopped worrying about pace. Plodding on suits me best, I think.

There were lots of friendly folk running the race too who were cheering me on along the way.

Lap 3 was fabulous, having a chat with fellow runners and running / walking together for a while. It was my slowest by far, but the most fun.

I decided not to go above my initial goal for the day, my legs would have hated me! I sat with some lovely runners at the finish and we had a great chat and played with my 360 camera!

There’s always next time for that goal of half. A fabulous event and I really enjoyed myself!

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