Review : Salomon Adv Skin 12

Pockets pockets and compartments compartments.

Check out my review of a previous model here, or of the Adv Hydra 8 here.

I’m all about pockets! This vest has lots of them! It also comes with different ways to attach your poles and an insulated bladder cover unlike the Adv Hydra 8 (but this was more expensive than that pack, I managed to pick this one up for £99.99 but it generally retails for more).

Anyway let’s have a look at those pockets and compartments then…

OK… the front. Really nice lacing system, it is more fiddly than the old one I think but I like it better overall. It comes with two bottles and has two zip pockets at the front. Both stretchy sides behind the zips compartments are pockets, too and one has what looks like a phone holder sewn in but my phone doesn’t fit so I’ll be using it for something else, haha.

At the back there’s a wraparound pocket that you can access from each side and a main compartment with a zip on the side. This has a smaller section within it as a pouch type deal. From the top of the pack is another compartment where the bladder can go – although I don’t use bladders very often so like the extra compartment for things I don’t use so often! It also has a mesh pocket in this compartment for a survival blanket (not included) and a clip.

The bottles it came with have a bigger opening than the Adv Hydra 8:

Adv Hydra 8 bottle vs Adv Skin 12

And here’s the pole attachments in action. There’s a few different ways to do this but I prefer mine at the back.

They do the job nicely!

This is the vest I’ll hopefully be using next year for my big challenges in 2022.

I prefered this to the Adv Hydra 8 when I first put it on, the single reason for this being it had a zipped pocket on each side, not just on one side! I told you I’m all about pockets… I also prefered the elastic tightening clip style on this one. There’s not a huge difference, though.

The fit and everything else was just as good as the Hydra 8 I had been wearing for ages now and maybe even more “I can’t tell I have it on” vibes.

As time has gone on I have preferred the extra storage, and the bottles seem to stay in a little bit better.

For shorter runs I’d reach for the Hydra 8 (I need more clothes with pockets), but for longer ones where I’ll be carrying more I think this model is the one I will go for.

I think they both have a place, and the big difference for me would be the length of time I’m going out for, and especially if I was taking poles.

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