Review : NURVV Run (follow up)

Read part 1 here!

After part 1 of the review I had a weird issue. I went to charge my trackers. And nothing happened, nooo! 14 mins after sending an email to NURVV customer service, I had a very helpful reply. 17 minutes after that email I had confirmation a new charger was on the way.

I’m still not sure why it played up but I was thoroughly impressed by the customer support I received – it was so fast and helpful.

I have been tracking road runs since then, below is my progress. I haven’t used them so much on trail because of uneven ground.

Once I was back up and running, a new feature was released that is going to help me so much! Footstrike coach…

All my metrics were good, except the balance between my left and right foot. 33% of the time (It was 66% on one of my first runs with NURVV), they’re doing different things. The new feature allowed live feedback outside, not just on the treadmill!

It was really easy to set up and off I went! I decided to aim for a midfoot strike and I wanted good balance between left and right.

I was really happy with this first go – 33% imbalance is my average and on this run it was down to 20%.

I carried on with this, using the treadmill indoor version as well as the new outdoor version. I was selling my treadmill to get some space back – so I wanted to make the most of it before it was gone.

After using this for a couple of weeks my imbalance was down to 7% on the last run and I was starting to transition to midfoot on both feet (I had to choose a style, I was all over the shop!).

And just as a reminder this was one of my first runs with NURVV:

I wasn’t sure if these would be worth the investment, but I am really pleased with how it’s going and I’ll be continuing to use the footstrike coach in the future. This for me has been the most useful feature.

I found it useful as well to track my overall progress. Pronation and balance have been the metrics I have found most helpful for my situation – and I definitely think they were worth the investment now!

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