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Yaaay, another race!

This one was a distance I had never raced before – 8.16km. I knew there would be hills and it would be hot!

I had a really busy morning and got myself a bit stressed, but it all went away when my friend Becky came along to pick me up.

We had a lively natter on the way and soon arrived in Princes Risborough! Comments included ones about the hills in the distance and if we’d be up there.

Registration was easy and the event village had a lovely feel to it. It was really welcoming. We were soon on our way!

We soon hit the first climb. I was expecting a hill but this was A HILL in all caps. Like, it had stairs kind of hill. It was pretty tough going, and it was tougher than I anticipated. We did it, though! The marshals were lovely, and really enthusiastic. I appreciated the one near the top of the hill!

The views on the route were absolutely stunning, all the way round, but one of my favourite parts was the forests.

Where we encountered mud. It was a stupidly hot day… not sure if I am just naive but it took me by suprise! It was great fun!

We continued our talking, walking and running and about 3/4 of the way is the decent. I couldn’t decide if to do stairs or the path (path prob better choice) and trying to be helpful I went to step aside for another runner… and almost stacked it… oops! I saved it though!

I was having such a lovely time, it all was coming to an end too soon. The run through the field near the end was so pretty!

The marshals at the end were cheering for us so much, they must have been there a while but they were so fabulous!

We got big cheers at the finish as well and a lot of goodies! The race was so well organised, clearly signed and a spectacular route. Would do it again no question!

I really appreciated this race for quite a few reasons.

It taught me not to underestimate the elevation graph, expect the unexpected, the vibe was amazing and finally I learnt a lot about my own performance and what to work on.

I am not disappointed with my performance even though it was a lot slower than I thought I might be – as I’m still on the road to recovery – but it showed me I am not as far along as I’d like to think and I need to stay focused and work hard. And that’s not a bad lesson at all!

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