Salcey Forest Summer Challenge 6 / 12 Hours 2021

This was the final race of the Salcey seasons series that started back pre-pandemic in Feb 2020!

Previous races: Salcey Winter | Salcey Autumn | Salcey Spring

These races were designed so you can see the forest at different times of year and the changes that happen!

This one was a little different as there was a 12hr option as well. I went for the 6 but stayed for the majority as I was taking photos too.

I started my day by photographing the start of the race and the first couple of hours. It was great fun, and the atmosphere was lovely. Everyone was being really kind and supportive towards each other and I got lots of thank you’d and waves and smiles. Lovely!

I then set off to do a couple of laps myself, and ended at 10ish km. It was really humid, and I did the best I could. I was happy with that distance today! I don’t think I had another lap in me.

On finishing my race, I refuelled with the DELICIOUS flapjack and got changed to continue as photo person!

I walked and ran 25km today – my race and photography laps combined, I was really suprised when I sat down and totalled it up.

The forest was looking as lovely as ever, and I finished my day with a sit down and some chips.

This is a pretty short race blog this time – I had a lovely time, had fun, everyone was so nice, COVID stuff was all good… all in all a great day with no complaints at all.

4 of 4… complete!

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