Review : NURVV Run

This had tempted me for a while after I suffered a broken ankle, but I decided against it because of price. I then suffered a stress fracture on my left foot and decided to take the plunge…

I was really hoping they’d help me identify why I have left sided issues, and what to do about them.

Out of the box it looked pretty swish – nicely presented and had that luxury item feel about it. Here’s what you get:

2 x insoles, 2 x trackers, 2 x clips for thin shoes and charger / cable.

The first things I had to do were sign up for an account, and then charge the trackers a bit. Once charged, they then had to do a firmware update.

Once completed I set about attaching the trackers. Apart from trying to attach them upside down at first, it went quite smoothly. Top tip: pay attention to the app, haha.

The clip bits on the trackers scared me a little as they didn’t feel thick enough and I was worried about breaking them – but I didn’t! After having them in and out of a few pairs of shoes they seem robust enough.

I decided after a run in neutral shoes I would also try the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 to see how it would effect the stats. I didn’t have a preference and found running in either a support or neutral shoe just fine, even though I have been told I over pronate slightly a few years back. Time to find out what the trackers think!

I was pleasantly surprised about the speed they connected to GPS – they were ready to go after I finished locking the front door!

So for the next week NURVV was attached to different shoes and came on quite a few runs with me. The really useful thing I found at this stage was just testing out my favourite shoes. Some of them surprised me, in neutral shoes I got some great and not so great results.

I found if I was thinking about my footstrike and form, I got more positive results than if I wasn’t, so being mindful of this was something I tried to start doing right away.

After the runs, NURVV had recommendations on the runs that had poorer pronation about increasing ankle strength, flexibility, balance and so on that are already in progress in my plan. There is also advice on cadence, training load and footstrike, but for more at this point for me it was more about collecting the data and then formulating a plan if required and waiting for my health score to become available.

Before I got my health score I also noticed, as I was probably expecting, my balance is a bit off. I’m hoping correcting this will help with left foot / right glute issues… we shall see.

My pronation is also different between each side, too. And it got worse as I got more tired.

So… the health score. For me this appeared after a week plus a few days.

I was super suprised! Great or good in all categories, except balance. And this was what I suspected might be happening – so this particular metric confirms what I thought.

And now I know this what am I to do? The app has tips on how to improve each section, and it is something I will be continuing to monitor. I can then see if the work I put in is moving me in the right direction! I downloaded a PDF with suggested exercises from NURVV and added some in to my own plan.

I also LOVE running on the treadmill and seeing my footstrike live… so I can feel and see the difference if I run a little differently.

Pace Coach in app is also available with run faster, run intervals or recovery run as options. You choose a run you have done outside with NURVV and it guides you to complete the selected workout. I haven’t done this yet, but you can read about it here on the NURVV website.

I wouldn’t use these in place of my watch, they are more a supplementary accessory – balance is the thing I am most interested in, so I haven’t connected a heart rate monitor – I still use my Garmin to track my runs, heartrate and manage training load. Perhaps I will in time and it’s just me being a creature of habit…

First impressions done, and this is something that will be a bit of an ongoing test for now.

I have started a spreadsheet to log my different shoes so I can easily see which ones are giving me which data. It would be nice if gear could be assigned in app and I could see the difference at a glance.

Overall, I think these are going to be useful – I am going to keep using them, and I will do a follow up post in a month or so! Edit: You can read the follow up post here.

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