How to run in the heat – tips for summer

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I don’t like running in blazing sunshine. Winter sunshine is fine, autumn sunshine is fine… spring sunshine is fine but those few months of the year it’s hot, I really don’t like it. But I still do it, I need to train whatever time of year it is!

So here’s some tips to help… whether you love it, or you hate it.


Number one on my list is hydration. Before, during and after!

I keep a better eye on hydration when it’s hot – and try to make sure I’m well hydrated before I set off. I also carry fluids on shorter distances than I would normally in cooler temperatures.

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I love Tailwind and use it on any long run, regardless of temperature. It’s important to hydrate even in winter!

Wear suncream

Getting burnt is so miserable and uncomfortable as well as not being good for you. Pop it on! I like sport specific ones.

Glasses & Hat

Always good for the obvious reasons – Goodr sunglasses are my fav: Non slip, awesome looking and fun. I love them. I don’t think there’s much else to say about them. I always have a nice trucker style hat on standby as well to keep the sun out of my face – visors are great as it gets warmer, too.

Run early or late

Running early or late means you miss the “worst” of the temperatures – from my perspective of course! I love a pre-work run anyway to set the day off right, and a warm summer morning can be so lovely! If I can’t I’ll try to run somewhere with shade instead.


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I love Pretty Althletic – Workout Glow has helped me out so many times when I’m in a rush!

Once I have been for a run, or done any exercise in any weather for that matter, Workout Glow is one of the best things when I come in. I think I actually try and find excuses to use it, haha. I recently took it to a race for afterwards!

I use the Cool Down cleanser to take off any suncream and sweat and it has a lovely cooling effect on my skin. The Instant Refresh shower scrub does just that – I really love the whole range!

Ice Cream

I don’t know if this can be classed as an official running tip but it will happen if you run with me. I even have ice cream after parkrun in winter so… there’s nothing better than sitting in the shade with something like this:

Take it easy

When it’s hot make sure to slow down, listen to your body and stop if needed. There’s always another day for your run if required.


Just like in winter, it’s important to think about what you wear. I found myself liking summer a little more when I decided to break free of leggings and invest in skorts and shorts, as well as when I first bought technical running tees – find what works for you!

Do you have any tips to share? Let me know in the comments!

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