Review : Brooks Revel 4

Soooo I’ll be honest. I bought these because they were Christmas themed. And yes, I have only just got round to reviewing them, ha!

My thought being, they will last a few years, because in December I will probably be doing ~100km a month, and I might be able to sneak a little bit of January in, too.

I know I like Brooks (especially the Adrenaline and Cascadia models) so I took that chance. And I was thoroughly impressed.

First off the Christmas version had a knitted jumper look, with slightly velvety laces. They were so perfect for Christmas runs! They also were cheaper than some of the other models made by Brooks, which was an unexpected plus.

The first impressions of actually running in them (rather than just looking at them) was they were a great running shoe.

I found they were very comfortable and rather springy! I felt like there was some nice energy return going on.

There was a nice amount of cushioning – no achey feet here. I did some speed sessions in them, as well as long runs, and they coped with everything perfectly.

I did nearly all my December road runs in these and only put about 50km on them rather than the expected 100, but I really looked forward to picking them out and enjoyed running in them a lot. It was so wet and muddy this winter I had to wear my trail shoes more than I expected.

They are a nice everyday running shoe, and I think once another pair retires and needs replacing I might just go for this one – in a non Christmas colour!

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