Review : Salomon Adv Hydra 8

The Adv Hydra 8 seemed like a relative bargain considering the brand, and the only place I can see it for sale is on Amazon, it doesn’t appear on the Salomon website. So I thought I’d give it a go.

This vest comes with two bottles, and it was really great for the price I paid (£68).

So, I’ll be honest in a vest the main thing I look for is – will it go round my boobs and does it have enough pockets. I am easily swayed by pockets. So above is a picture of front and back, brand new before I took it for a spin. There’s a big back pocket and a zip pocket on your left hand side. The back zip comparment has a small pouch inside. There is also the stretchy ones on each side (hard to explain but pictures below) that don’t have a closing mechanism.

The vest feels nice and the new style of elastic at the front suited me a lot better than the flat elastic present on my last Adv Skin 12, even though I found the moving the string about claps more fiddly. So now the pocket spotting and how to do it up is out of the way, how did I get on?

The vest is super comfortable and didn’t bounce! There is just the right amount of storage space for a decent run and the front pockets were all easy to access.

Ideally, I would like there to be a second zipped pocket at the front, but it worked just fine as it was and I found room for everything.

I used the small pocket in the main compartment for a small first aid kit, everything I needed at hand went in the front, and just in case items went in the back!

As the bottles compressed down it was really easy to tighten the vest on the go, and it was really very comfortable. It didn’t need fiddling with all the time to stay put, and I only tightened it a few times.

The bottles included had quite narrow openings, you can see below the Adv Hydra 8 bottles vs the Adv Skin 12 (review coming soon!)

This might be annoying when you want to mix on the go.

Overall I think this is a great vest, and I’ll be using it for runs in the summer when I have no coat pockets!

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