Salcey Forest Spring Challenge 6 Hours 2021

I was very excited and a little bit nervous for my first race this year. It was my favourite- a 6hr challenge by Big Bear Events at Salcey Forest.

So things have changed of course – The COVID measures were very good. There was an online race briefing and I had my timing chip from last time as my number doesn’t change – this is because I am part of the Big Bear Brigade (they were posted for folks who didn’t). So all of that was contact free! The aid station was also covered in hand sanitiser bottles and the food was in grab and go bags.

I arrived in time to set up my own personal mini car aid station as well (I am a high maintenance runner who needs suncream on demand if required), I then had a wander to buy parking and it was soon time for my start wave to begin.

I chatted to a couple of lovely fellow runners about our goals for the day.

Off I popped in to the forest and I was very excited to see new Big Bear signs up, aha!

The weather conditions were absolutely perfect in my opinion, it wasn’t too hot or too cold and the forest was looking as lovely as ever.

With 1 lap done, I was feeling very pleased with myself, and waited for Becky who had started after me. I had a quick pit stop and a nice sit down.

On to lap 2, together! It was so nice to catch up and lap 2 flew by, it was loads of fun chatting away and we chatted to other folks along the way – participants and dog walkers – everyone was super friendly and the atmosphere was fantastic.

It actually felt a little bit like old times!

After lap 2 we had mini rolls and I had a sit down. Becky didn’t want to join me… she was right, it was a struggle to start lap 3, haha!

I was feeling really great and so happy I was able to go this far.

On lap 3 all was fine, I walked a little more than lap 1 and 2 but still felt pretty decent. I was torn about another lap – I am pleased I promised various people I wouldn’t do a half (as I am on the way back from injury) so had to be sensible in the end. It meant that decision was mostly already taken away. I am really happy I haven’t lost too much fitness, though.

We stopped at 3 laps… got our medal, flapjack and apple juice and had massive ice creams.

A fantastic day!

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