Not sure where to look? A beginners guide to finding races

When I first started to look for races I wasn’t sure where to go! I googled, heard on the grapevine, asked my colleagues… and knew that Race for Life was held at the local lake because I’d seen people there before!

This is from my experience being based in the UK 🙂

Social Media

I follow quite a few races and race organisers now on social media (IG and FB mainly). It’s a great way to hear about what is coming up.


I have both reviewed and looked for races on Racecheck. I always find the reviews really useful, so was happy to add a couple of my own! You can rate things like the race briefing, uniqueness, value for money… it’s a big list as well as writing text. I always find hearing what other runners thought of a race really interesting, and it helps me decide what I might like to do! You can filter by road / off road / cycling etc – it really is a great website!

Let’s Do This

Another fab website with a compilation of races that you can search by location. Check it out here. You can also book through Let’s Do This but that’s not something I have ever tried. If anyone has, please let me know your thoughts!

Find a Race

Click here to have a look at Find a Race – another website that has a list of races you can filter by location and by type of race.

Get inspired!

Sometimes I see someone doing a race I think looks really fun – so I’ll sign up to the newsletter so I can have a go next time. It does mean my inbox is overflowing with temptation, though…!

What’s your favourite way to find races? Let me know below in the comments.

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