10 things I don’t like to run without

*I am an ambassador in 2021 for some folks below, so each part is marked where appropriate.
This is an updated version of this post! Now includes a hat! 🙂

I haven’t included things like shoes and clothes, as I can’t run without those, haha!

During the run…

Neck thing

A multitude of uses, and I think I must have more neck tubes than I have socks… quite often they are a welcome freebie from a race! They are very versatile – from headband to sweatband to neck warmer – no matter the season I can find a use for one.


Thinksport is my GO TO sun cream in the summer. I find it incredibly good, and it smells lovely, too. Amazing. As someone who burns really easily, it was a mission to find something that stops me burning when running and sweating – and this works for me! And if I can’t get hold of this, I use Tesco kids waterproof stuff.

I also like to use the tinted SPF 30 for more everyday wear.


Always good for the obvious reasons – Goodr sunglasses are my fav: Non slip, awesome looking and fun. I love them. I don’t think there’s much else to say about them.


Ad / Ambassador. For longer runs, I have finally settled on a fuel of choice – Tailwind. It’s perfect for me. I have dabbled in gels, electrolyte tablets, jelly type stuff, real food (!), bars… but stumbling across Tailwind was excellent (and I was very happy to become a Trailblazer in 2021!). I no longer need to carry a whole load of different stuff! If I am doing a shorter run in hot weather, I will use electrolyte tablets instead, where I don’t need the fuel.


I do love running to music. Personal preference of course, some people hate it. I always run / bike etc in Aftershokz, as some races allow them. They are also really good for situational awareness, and I didn’t realise how much I missed that when I broke a pair – I switched back to my Mpow Flame and had kept one ear out (which was annoying) to still know what was going on around me.

Running underwear

I was always a little skeptical about running pants, until I tried Runderwear. I think they are worth the price, and quite often I can be found in the ones I have shrunk out of (weight loss) as regular underwear! They are supremely comfortable and I have never had any chafing issues (even when it’s rained enough to soak you all the way through). I also wear multiple brands of socks depending on the shoes I’m wearing and also my mood, and New Balance are my go-to for bras with Tikiboo also up there. It’s worth experimenting a little and find out what works for you.

A trusty hat

Raining? Sunny? – Baseball hat! It’s so good to keep the rain out of your eyes. It took me a while to realise why I saw runners in a baseball hat in foul weather…

And for post run…


Ad / Ambassador – Affiliate link. I came across Pretty Athletic online and I really love their products for active folk. The products are vegan, and have been incredibly kind to my sensitive skin. In the summer, I really enjoy the Workout Glow as soon as I get in, and I got through rather a lot last year in the heatwave. I always have a travel bottle in my commuting bag when on the bike (I hope to be bike commuting again soon!) – it relieves the tight face feeling you can get after exercising, and is super refreshing. I am a big fan of the full range and use it all the time!

Recovery Drinks

I call recovery drinks “wizard powder”. I have converted (nearly) all my friends to use these after hard sessions / runs. If you don’t get on with one brand, it’s always worth trying another, there’s lots out there. I like to buy the little sachets to take to races with a shaker bottle of water – so I can mix them up fresh afterwards.

Recovery Shoes

OOFOS are one of the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet – They are an absolute treat after a long run (sometimes with toe socks… I know…). I don’t wear mine at any other time – I have to put in the work to wear them. I think the motivation works!

Have I missed your favourite running “thing”? Let me know in the comments!

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