Keeping up motivation with virtual races in lockdown (Part 4)

So what have I been up to recently…

Hardmoors 10ishkm

So for this Hardmoors virtual the 10km option was 8 miles or more. I’d absolutely love to do an in person Hardmoors!

It was a great way to start 2021!

Purdue Performance Focus

This had two parts – the same run twice but a few weeks apart.

My first run got me 10mi and 15km best efforts!

The second one was done at the same time as the big bear virtual race, and I got 15km and 10mi 2nd fastest.

Run Silverstone

This was a rescheduled race from last year, that got rescheduled again to later in 2921 and also had a virtual option. This was a comfortable 10km and I got my 3rd best effort.

Big Bear Events Virtual

I love Big Bear Events and was really happy to take part in a virtual. I aimed for half marathon and got it, yaay!

Maverick Unite for Minds

Unite for minds was a Maverick Race community run around the world (40,000km) raising money for CALM charity. A fab event and it’s not quite over as I wrote this, but I’m happy with my contributions!

Let’s hope real life racing is going to make a comeback soon 😊

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