The best of 2020’s running adventures

I can’t believe I’m rounding up my 3rd year of running. 2019 was a year where I really started to find confidence with my running.

This year was supposed to be the year of ultras, but it didn’t turn out that way (for reasons we all know about of course), with two real life races and a broken ankle.

I thought it was worth sharing my favourites this year like past years, even though this year has been difficult and challenging. I have done some virtuals and found some lovely running friends and communities around these.

So here are my favourite events in 2020, that kept me motivated, with a summary below and more detail in the race reports.

5. Bedford Run Fest 5km and 10km virtual

I loved these two virtuals and they really helped with some comeback motivation! I ran my fastest 10km ever, and my fastest 5km post ankle shenanigans.

4. Virtual Race to the Stones

Over the space of a week I booted my way to a half marathon on crutches in 6hrs 24 minutes and 25 seconds. It is one of the hardest events I have done, but I was incredibly proud of myself.

3. Big Bear Salcey Forest Winter 6hrs

My first race of 2020 and it was fantastic! I did a half marathon, and really enjoyed my day. And developed a love of custard creams?

2. Summer of CMTR

Summer of CMTR was mainly completed on crutches and as part of my recovery. It was fantastic fun, so much so I signed up for the winter version! There were so many fun challenges.

1. Big Bear Salcey Forest Autumn 6hrs

My first real life race since the incident (sorry to keep bringing it up… but…). I got my 3rd fastest 15km and 10mi efforts and ran just over 16km. It was my first event post lockdown 1.0, and the event felt safe and very well organised. It was lovely to be racing again.

Let’s hope things start to get better next year 💙

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