Recovering from a broken ankle (The Epilogue)

So hopefully this is my last post on the subject!

My latest post was on September 6th detailing how I had just signed up for coaching and I had just set post break bests – 1km PB of 8’17” and a 1mi PB of 13’54”.

As it stands today my post break PB’s are now 7’22” for 1km and 1mi 10’58”. So I have had great improvement in the last 2 months, and I put the speed of my progress down to having signed up for coaching with Purdue Performance. It really has changed my training!

You can see below my amazing outdoor progress. (Just a reminder I reset my PB’s after I broke my ankle!). “Today” was on 24th October.

I am still yet to get back to my all time 5km PB, but I have broken (bad choice of words?!) my all time 10km PB so I am really pleased with that. So what else have I been up to?

Ankle Rehab & Strength

My ankle has been left with a smaller range of motion than the other one, so I am doing exercises to improve this, along with the strength in the leg. My calf muscles are still not back to how they were, and this will take time. I’m going to keep going and hopefully will keep improving. I can stand on one leg now quite confidently and that made me so happy! I have some new resistance bands I’ll be making use of, too.


I have made a return to yoga, after my ankle being too dodgey to even think about it! I decided to commit to doing yoga twice a week, then upped this to every day in November to really make some progress.


1 real life, and lots of virtuals. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges I have taken part in, and they have given me the motivation to keep running! Every time I do a virtual I’m hoping to be faster, or stronger than last time. Even if I don’t get a PB I hope to make progress in other ways, such as running for longer.

I really feel like I am getting to back to “normal” now, after 5 months. It’s taken a while, and curbs still make me a bit nauseous and sometimes I get a panic if my ankle rolls… but I will get there!

I am happy this saga appears to be over…!

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