Keeping up motivation with virtual races in lockdown (Part 3)

Virtual races have really kept my motivation going when races have been few and far between. I’ve done 2 real life races this year, and a whole host of virtuals.

So what have I been up to recently…

Bedford 5km and 10km

I absolutely loved the Bedford Run Fest Twilight 10km last year, so decided to enter the 5km and 10km this year, and you got a lovely challenge medal for completing multiple races. The 5km I didn’t do so well, but the 10km was a good run.

And the medals were lovely!

MK 5km and 10km

MK Marathon also went virtual this year, and they also had a special medal for multiple races. So of course, I signed up for 5km and 10km.

I did the 10km first and did really well!

I then did the 5km and had another great run. MK Marathon races have been good luck for me!

And again, some lush medals!

Manchester Marathon

This challenge from Manchester Marathon was to run 26.2 miles, and it didn’t all have to be in one go.

Purdue Performance 10km

Purdue Performance had a 10km race, the weather on the day was atrocious! But I achieved my aim for the day of doing a controlled pace and running the whole way (apart from one walk when my path was blocked and I needed to re-route on the fly!). I was very happy with this.

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