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Review : HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 4

After loving my ATR 5 by HOKA ONE ONE I decided to try the Speedgoat 4 trail shoe.

I usually wear a stability shoe for every day wear (the Brooks GTS that I love and would recommend in a heartbeat) but took a chance on these as a neutral shoe.


That is the main highlight of this review! You can stop reading now… haha.

I have found myself reaching for these more and more.

For me, the big benefit has been I have found it really helps my Hallux Rigidus! I can run faster as they allow me to do the push off motion better. Normally I run with a duck like gait, as my toes don’t bend. These have helped get my feet straight and provide forward momentum.

I can feel them encouraging me to go from heel to toe smoothly, and with my special insoles I haven’t experienced much pain in my toe joints. So far this combination has been fantastic – but I haven’t done much more than 10km in them yet, though.

I was so impressed I bought a road stability shoe by HOKA to try, I’ll report back on these in due course.

These shoes have offered great grip and stability during my recovery and really helped boost my confidence getting back to trails. I don’t feel like I need to walk when the going gets bumpy and slippy. The fit is really comfortable with plenty of room, but still feels stable. No toe squish here!

I also found out there is a GTX version. As I love my Cascadia 14 GTX I will most likely replace the Speedgoat 4 (when the time comes) with the GTX version. They would be so great in the wet I think.

I would recommend this shoe no problem!

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