Recovering from a broken ankle (Part 3)

See part 1 here and part 2 here. Please bear in mind this is my recovery journey and advice was given to me based on my circumstances alone- everyone is different so please listen to what your doctors say if you unfortunately find yourself in the same place as me. This is not advice. It’s just me documenting my recovery.

For the activities I took part in I had asked advice at my fracture clinic appointment prior to doing them. Please do not just copy this as everyone is different!

I reset my Garmin PB’s after breaking my ankle so I could see how recovery is going.

Week 9

After what seemed like great success in week 8, I actually overdid it a bit. I found my outdoor confidence in my ankle was lacking and it was really hard to run on trails.

So back to basics this week… Jeffing!

I took time off running, walked a lot and then bagged a recovery PB!

I also purchased an ankle strap to wear when running – it helped, not sure if it was a confidence boost and all in my mind, or whether it was actually doing something… it worked!

Here’s me getting my confidence and stability back a bit at the end of this week.

Week 10

I started the week Jeffing again and another recovery PB.

My running got more confident as the week went on, but I still have twinges of sharp pain occasionally when not running, if I have gone a bit further or faster.

It’s a reminder this saga could go on for a while… so I slowed down and ate ice cream. Why not.

I walked again this week and bagged some trig points. It’s so much fun!

Week 11

This week I got a new 1km post injury PB and did some exploring.

The twinges of pain are still present, but I’m taking it easy.

Week 12

This week it was time to get going properly again. I have signed up for coaching and this was my first week.

I gave all my sessions everything and worked hard – I have less than a year to go from broken ankle to ultra, but I’m sure I can.

Monday was my first session and I got post break PB’s for 1km and 1mi and was so happy but overdid it. I blame excitement! It was hard running continuously, I love a little walk / photo / look at nature break in my run and had to keep the mind games in check. I am still favouring my right leg, so that needs some work.

I completed all the sessions and was proud of myself.

Here’s to constant improvement!

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