Recovering from a broken ankle (Part 2)

See part 1 here. Please bear in mind this is my recovery journey and advice was given to me based on my circumstances alone- everyone is different so please listen to what your doctors say if you unfortunately find yourself in the same place as me. This is not advice. It’s just me documenting my recovery.

For the activities I took part in I had asked advice at my fracture clinic appointment prior to doing them. Please do not just copy this as everyone is different!

I reset my Garmin PB’s after breaking my ankle so I could see how recovery is going.

Week 5

I was pretty down in the dumps at the beginning of this week, and the boot had started to get really annoying.

I did, however, start to walk up and down stairs more normally and on Friday took 3 unaided steps.

On Saturday I put on two shoes for the first time and took 24 steps – quite unsteady ones with a lot of limping, but progress!

On Sunday I did a 2km walk in the boot, and also put my shoes on for a bit in the house. I think it’s time to say goodbye to the crutches and switch to walking poles.

Week 6

Outdoors without the boot! Not very far or fast but it felt like great progress.

By Wednesday I was out without any aids at all, and I started calf raises (Impossible on Wednesday to wibbly by Sunday), standing on one leg (1 second on Thursday, 4 seconds on Sunday), flexing my foot (getting there) and foot circles (this is the hardest as I have apprehension about it hurting).

I’m banned from high impact activities for a bit but I want to be ready to run when I can, so I’m really working on getting my range of motion back.

On Saturday I pushed the recovery a bit with proper uneven ground mixed with some vert for my walk – I also had my first shower without having to sit on a stool! On Sunday I did another walk with lots of vert- yessss.

Week 7

My ankle was feeling much better this week and I got back on my bike.

On Monday I got another post break PB with no boot, crutches or poles of 12’50”. I was so happy!

This week was really a turning point, although not ready to run properly yet I was feeling really positive about it.

I ran some very small intervals on Friday – and that felt amazing!

Saturday and Sunday I hit some forest trails with quite a bit of vert – I was so excited for week 8 where I could try running again!

Week 8

I was feeling great improvements this week. Monday got be a 1km post break PB of 12’31”!

On Tuesday, with some Jeffing, I got 1km and 1mi PB’s of 10’07” and 17’00”. It was great to get back to running proper set intervals again, and some of them were super speedy for me (sub 7min/km pace).

Wednesday I ran 1km non stop! It was slow but I could feel really quick improvement now…

After this run I had discomfort and pain in my ankle, so I took Thurdsay off then did 500m intervals on Friday, walking when I got any discomfort.

5km seemed possible now, so I thought I’d try the treadmill. I did 5km – there were fleeting moments of pain, but generally stiffness. I think it was OK. I had some swelling afterwards but this was not unexpected.

I will stick to shorter distances outside, as I find the treadmill much easier (there’s no uneven ground, I’m always faster on the treadmill anyway, and it’s 100% flat!).

I think my recovery is headed in the right direction, I think 5km outside will be my next big milestone to achieve.

From 37’31” a km to a notparkrun… Here’s to the next 4 weeks!

Missed it? See part 1 here.

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