Review : Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

See my review of the previous model, the 19 here.

I love the GTS and my 19’s were pretty well worn out when the 20 made an appearance. Time for an upgrade!

I love the 19’s a lot still, but they are completely done so I use them for cycling and bimbling around now.

I like a cushioned shoe for road and treadmill running and the 20 does not disappoint. They are supportive and really comfortable and to me they felt lighter than the 19.

I can really run for miles in these with no achey feet or discomfort. They really do help you where you need it and my feet love putting these on.

I have used them a little off road too (sometimes you can’t, and don’t want to, avoid it!) and even in the wet they have good traction.

I have also used them a lot treadmill running and they are really stable and comfortable there, too.

These have been really useful (along with my HOKA’s) during my broken ankle recovery.

After using up 3/4 of the milage up on my purple version, I went straight ahead and bought them again in the run happy version. I recommend giving them a go, they are a fab stability shoe!

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