Review : Brooks Cascadia 14 GTX

Take a look at my Cascadia 13 review here, if you’d like to see my thoughts on the previous model!

After having great success with the Cascadia 13, I decided to get the Cascadia 14 GTX.

This version of the shoe is the updated model, plus it has waterproofing!

My first thoughts on the 14 was I preferred them to the 13 – they feel lighter, a better fit (it was excellent before, now it’s excellent +) and grippier. The new style laces are really great – lace and forget and stick them in the little lace holder.

So moving on from first impressions, the official info boasts great stability with an updated “pivot post” system and the new “TrailTrack” outsole – I felt really comfortable running on the mud and uneven ground combination pictured above.

The bonus of the GTX version is on the run pictured above, my feet did not get wet. They are some kind of miracle shoe, honestly!

I went full pelt through some puddles and my feet were still dry. I am really impressed with the waterproofing if you can’t tell!

These shoes also have some great little touches, such as a front point and heel tab for gaiters (and of course the little lace holder that I loved on the 13). When I got the 13 I saw no use for gaiters at that time, but now I have some that I’m getting more adventurous with my running. I bought some non branded ones that fit just fine.

I haven’t used these with gaiters properly yet – I got mine delivered just before lockdown but they were very secure and there were no problems getting them attached.

I really like this shoe – originally I bought them just for the waterproofing- but after a few outings they really won me over with the stability and confidence they gave me to run on fun surfaces. I’d recommend them if you’re after a great all round trail shoe.

I have worn them on gravel, mud, rocky bits and grass all without issue.

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