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Review : HOKA ONE ONE Challenger ATR 5

I got a pair of these as my first HOKA ONE ONE purchase. I was amazed by a pair of shoes that claimed to be able to do road and trail…

Fast and light on the trail, its midsole geometry ensures a smooth ride on the road.

From the product description


Lots of my running is done on non technical trails, like the uneven path above (lots of lumps and bumps) and in the summer it can be as hard as the road. I’ll also run on gravel paths and the pavement in the same session. Quite often my full on trail shoes feel a bit much, but when wearing a road shoe I wish it was a bit more trail.

So these seemed to fit the bill perfectly for my everyday needs and I was really excited to give them a go.

My first impressions when I put them on were they were really cushioned and the toe box was roomier than I was used to. In fact, I thought I may have picked the wrong size. I checked how far my toes were from the end and it seemed they were fine in my usual size. There was just lots of room.

Now I’m used to the roomy toe box, I really like it. It goes well with my toe socks! It doesn’t make them feel unstable or uncomfortable for me at all. The upper makes my feet feel nice and secure once I’m laced in.

These shoes feel light and don’t feel chunky for the amount of cushioning they provide. And the cushioning is amazing. Even when I start to get tired they still feel comfortable.

On the bumpy sections they feel stable and secure, and I have confidence in them when running downhill.

I think these will be fantastic for mixed terrain races / park runs and I really am looking forward to trying them on longer distances, too.

So far I have no complaints and I look forward to wearing them. For something I tried on a bit of a whim, I’m really impressed.

For the more muddy / wet or more technical runs I do, I’d chose one of my dedicated trail shoes, but these have been great on road, trail and even on the treadmill.

They are a great everyday shoe and have served me well on different terrain.


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