Review : Socks

I’ve made a whole awesome blog post about socks!

They are often overlooked but they can make or break the state of your feet. Great socks = great run. Here’s what I have tried!

Danish Endurance

I have both the low cut and compression version of Danish Endurance socks. I really, really like them and have lots of pairs of the low cut and they are my go to every day sock. They are breathable and comfortable, and dry really quickly if they get wet.

The compression socks are also great, nothing to complain about – except I wish they had more colours! I have never got blisters with either style.

I did find the low cut socks may have got smaller over time when washing, which is frustrating for the price (no issues with the compression version) so I can’t give them top marks.


A-Swift I bought on Amazon, and mainly for the awesome designs.

And they are awesome.

But to fit my calf, the foot of the sock becomes baggy and results in blisters. For that reason, I don’t use them to run in, only for recovery. And they are still really compression-y after lots of washes.


Star Wars socks I bought on a whim!

These are really light and feel really soft. I really like these and no blisters to report. Horay! They also stay put, which can be a downside of crew socks, but these are just fine.


These were so weird to put on the first time. BUT I LOVE THEM. Not a blister in sight, and I now have 3 pairs. They are the most comfortable socks on this list that are not compression.

They took me a little while to get used to, but once I did they became some of my favs.

Zero Point

I bought these on a whim, too.

High compression for when you need it, and they stay up no problems. A comfortable fit and a really comfortable feel to them that not all compression socks have. The elastic at the top is just right and doesn’t dig in.

Worth the price.

Have I missed your favourite? Let me know what you love to wear!

All items purchased.

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