Recovering from a broken ankle (Part 1)

So I went over on my ankle and busted it. Ouch. Here’s the road to recovery… please bear in mind this is my recovery journey and advice was given to me based on my circumstances alone- everyone is different so please listen to what your doctors say if you unfortunately find yourself in the same place as me. This is not advice. It’s just me documenting my recovery.

For the activities I took part in I had asked advice at my fracture clinic appointment prior to doing them. Please do not just copy this as everyone is different!

Week 1

So I ended up in a walking boot. The first few days were so painful. I did a shadow boxing and weights workout but couldn’t do anything involving my legs.

It took 5 days before I left the house, and I went out Friday, Saturday x2, Sunday. I got 1km crutch PB’s each time.

37’31”, 33’37”, 31’27” and 26’02”. Each time I was getting more confident on the crutches and able to weight bear a little more than last time. But I did end up with blisters on my hands. The virtual for Maverick Race started on Saturday, the same day I was supposed to be doing Race to the King. Damn. I was just trying to do what I could, but it was a bit disappointing.

The ankle was still swelling but getting around had started to get easier.

I also continued with Summer of CMTR and earnt 4 badges this week. Weights, Cross Training, Cheerleader on the Run / hobble and Home Run / hobble. Home Run I actually think I had an advantage for as I couldn’t go further than 1km from home, not a problem!

Week 2

Week 2 started on a real positive note. I bought new trail shoes I couldn’t wear yet, emailed some run coaches and started to walk a little unaided in the house, just in my boot. I also ventured out for a km with one crutch.

By Thursday I was carrying stuff and walking without crutches in the house.

I got a 1km PB of 20’25” this week and continued with my challenges.

Week 3

Week 3 started with quite a bit of discomfort, so I rested until Thursday where I got out for a little while. My achillies is really tight but there is not much I can do to stretch it out without hurting my ankle but I tried just to get it moving a little.

I felt much better on Saturday and got boot PBs for 1km and 1mi!

Week 4

This was virtual RTTS week! And what a week. My ankle was feeling so much better. However, it is stiff and so so weak without the boot – I managed to stand without the boot briefly – but I didn’t risk any steps or much weight bearing.

A fantastic week where I completed a half marathon – about 3km a day. It was good to get out every day. I did my first 5km since injury on the Wednesday.

Here’s to the next 4 weeks!

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