Keeping up motivation with virtual races in lockdown

As we find ourselves in this difficult situation, lots of people have been doing home workouts, online classes and taking up running (which I think is fabulous and I hope people keep it up!).

I write a post here about keeping active at home, including virtual races, and I have taken my own advice and done some of these to keep motivation going.

I loved virtual races when I first started running, and I am rediscovering my fondness for them now as all my real life races of course are postponed, cancelled or gone virtual themselves.

Here are my mini race reports so far.

Plan B

I signed up for Plan B on 19/03 to run 50km by the end of April. I underestimated my own abilities and managed to do it by 08/04.

Local Landmarks

I didn’t get a place in the London Landmarks half marathon this year, so I jumped at the opportunity to do Local Landmarks instead.

I was wary of visiting the actual landmarks of my city as they were still quite busy at this point, so did a spring landmarks instead, taking pictures of all the lovely plants I saw on the way.

Adidas City Run 1 Hour

I took part in this race last year and I really loved the time not distance format, and it spurred me on to enter other events like it.

This year it went virtual. Last year I managed 6.36km and this year I did 7.5km (treadmill) so I was really pleased. I got my 2nd fastest 5km and 3rd fastest 2 mile Strava efforts.

Ultra X 14.1

The next race I signed up for was the Ultra X 14.1. “an odd distance, for an odd race, in odd times!”.

I did this on my treadmill using Zwift and it is the furthest I have ever done on a treadmill. I got a Strava best effort for 10km and 3rd fastest 2 miles.

One day I’d love to do a real life Ultra X race, but it’s still a long way off yet. Future goals!

Here’s to more fun challenges soon!

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