Review : Zwift Running

One of the things I thought I’d try during these strange times is Zwift, as I mentioned in my at home ideas post.

It seemed a brilliant way to still run with others (including my fellow running club goats), virtually!

Essentially, you run on a treadmill and the app puts you on a virtual track with everyone else who is running at the same time.

I set up the app on my phone, and downloaded the companion app to my tablet. I’d have preferred it the other way round, but unfortunately my tablet isn’t compatible with the app – it’s probably about 6 years old. This is worth bearing in mind if this is something you wanted to try.

So I then ordered a Run Pod. It attaches to your shoe and tells the platform how far and fast you are going.

The Pod is pretty simple – but a couple of points on it…

Calibrate it in app before you start running, it makes a difference! I was eager to try it out and didn’t, so had some issues, but once it was calibrated it matched the treadmill speed perfectly.

And the second point – make sure it “clicks” in to place on your shoe, otherwise… you might end up searching the kitchen for it.

So once that is done, you can also link your Garmin if you have one to broadcast heart rate – in the settings you can find an option to broadcast it during your activity, or just to broadcast without running an activity, so that Zwift knows this this too. I also then linked it to push my activities to Strava. It is all pretty straightforward to do.

I just logged on to Zwift and ran 1km, I was exhausted! I went too quick. Peer pressure!

I was in Watopia and did the looped track. Other people were running and cycling past. It’s like exercise Sims… after this I inverstigated further and every day you can go to Watopia and one other option from London, Yorkshire, Richmond, New York or Innsbruck.

One of the things I loved was it sent my activity to Strava, with a map and segments! I love Strava medals… so this will be great motivation.

So apart from virtually running with others (and you can send them a little thumbs up boost to keep them going!) you can:

  • See when your friends are online
  • Join events (like group runs and races)
  • Use a training plan
  • Run a pre-set route (shown below)

So far I’m really impressed and I look forward to trying all the different types of run and I have found it great fun. I will keep my Instagram up to date with how I get on.

Stay safe everyone.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ty Brooks says:

    Would you recommend it to someone (me) who is currently debating wether or not they want to get some Zwift RunPods of their own?


    1. Kaz says:

      Yes, I really enjoy using Zwift. Makes the treadmill more fun 🙂


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