Training for : RTTK 2020 (Part 5)

Part 4 can be found right here.

How quickly things can change… I write this blog as I go every month, and you can see how I started off normally with races and parkrun on, to an unprecedented situation. Of course races are not the number 1 priority right now, but as my blog is about my running, I will just talk about this aspect of my life.

I started this part with the following in mind, without concerns about the weeks ahead, just mainly worried about getting my training and kit right. How odd it is to read this, written just 3 weeks ago!

I am now starting to try out the kit I’ll be using on race day. I’m really happy with some elements, but not so sure on others.

I know so far I’ll most likely be using my Salomon vest I reviewed here, and I’m sorted for clothes as I have been trying some combos since December. Runderwear pants, New Balance bra and Danish Endurance socks and on top Tikiboo leggings and club top. I also have a brilliant rain jacket from Decathlon I have been using this winter.

For shoes I am very happy with Brooks Cascadias (review of my first pair here). I have been tempted by a pair if Calderas, though! Watch this space.

I need to practice nutrition and poles….

I ended this part with the country under extrodinary measures, and not knowing if I’d be racing this summer (realistically not), but this really pales in to insignificance in the grand scheme of things. I have published this as it really shows how quickly everything has changed, and is still part of my running journey. It may not feel important now, but one day I’d like races to be my main concern again.

Week 17 – Block 1 / Week 4

The plan : T – 5km, W – 5km, S – 5km

Monday I did 10 easy km on the bike (but still got loads of best efforts) so I’m really happy with my progress with this.

Tuesday was supposed to be 5km, but it was race day and I did a half at the Salcey Winter Challenge! I tried out some nutrition options at this race and I really like Tailwind so far after my first go using it. You can read about the race here.

Tuesday after the race I did 3.2km and on Wednesday & Thursday I did 13km of cycling followed by a 2.2km run. I am getting better at running on tired legs!

Friday I was exhausted, I think the race took it out of me a little. However I still got upon Saturday for a reversed parkrun (and a course PB for me,yay!) and took Sunday off.

Week 18 – Block 2 / Week 5

The plan : T – 8km, S – 9.6km, Su – 5km

I was dreading the 8km on Tuesday, it seemed a bit much for a (working) weekday!

I had started to feel burnt out so I took Monday off completely, so I had TWO rest days, no exercise and no calorie deficit. I was most definitely listening to my body – I had been sleeping record amounts and it still wasn’t enough.

On Tuesday I did 8km no problem and felt I could keep going.

I changed My Fitness Pal to be in maintenance and didn’t cross train this week to give me enough rest.

Saturday and Sunday I swapped round as it was more convenient with parkrun. I ran with my friend on Saturday to help her do her first ever parkrun! On Sunday I had the most GLORIOUS run in the sun and did 10km.

Week 19 – Block 2 / Week 6

The plan : T – 8km, S – 9.6km, Su – 9.6km

I was feeling much brighter with better energy levels at the start of this week. I postponed Tuesday’s run until Wednesday, but that was OK. Reducing my deficit and cross training has really helped with my tiredness, so I am going to gently ease back in to both.

Saturday was a great run with 12km done, including pacing at parkrun. My legs were pretty tired afterwards.

On Sunday I did 10km, it was hard going at first but I soon found some energy after the first km and smashed the remaining 9, getting a PB on lots of Strava segments.

Week 20 – Block 2 / Week 7

The plan : T – 5km, W -3km, S – 11km, Su – 9.6km

This week it started to look unlikely my goal race would go ahead. I had a 6 hour event planned for Thursday where I wanted to do 30km+ and try out poles and gaiters.

After the government announcement on Monday, as expected the 6hr event had to (rightly) be postponed.

I started the week with 3km on Tuesday – I couldn’t face anything further. My head hurt from too much news. I felt the same way on Wednesday and did nothing, and really had to persuade myself to go out on Thursday.

Saturday was an odd one without parkrun, I did 5km by myself, though and it made me feel a lot more normal. I have signed up to a couple of virtual challenges to keep myself motivated. So on Sunday I ran “Local Landmarks” run by LLHM. It was good to do a run and clear my head.

So that’s the end of this part. I’m not sure there will be any more training for RTTK updates for a while. Stay safe, friends đź’™ .