Training for : RTTK 2020 (Part 4)

Part 3 can be found here. Part 4 is where I start following the official plan from the race (with a few changes to fit my other races in), I have detailed the block and week of the official plan next to the week I am on personally.

Week 13

Week 13 started with illness and napping, it was not the best start!

Wednesday and Thursday were very similar – I got 13km on the bike in on Wednesday along with a 3km run at very easy pace. Thursday was 14km bike and 2.5km run. I am starting to notice cardio improvement! Friday I did another bit of cycling, 11km.

Saturday I got in 1.5 hours of forest time which was fantastic fun. On Sunday I had a rest day as I had developed laryngitis…

Week 14 – Block 1 / Week 1

The plan : T – 5km, S – 5km, Su – 5km

SO IT BEGINS! The official plan that will hopefully get me to the finish line in one piece!

Monday – Thursday I did 12km+ each day on the bike. Monday / Weds I got in a slow 3km run. Tuesday was my first proper training run and 5km ticked off.

The next run was Saturday with Saturday being parkrun day and I got a boatload of best segments!

I then walked 7km incase the storm prevented Sunday running, which it did. But I got the km done this week so really happy.

Week 15 – Block 1 / Week 2

The plan : T – 5km, S – 8km, Su – 5km

Monday was 14km on the bike and 3km run and some more yoga, and I am starting to see progress with my yoga practice and I’m really happy I have stuck to it and done it regularly.

Tuesday- Wednesday I also did the 14km on the bike, with 3km slow easy runs each day except Tuesday where I did my 5km training run (with a stinker of a cold).

Thursday I was down and out with illness. Again. On Friday I did some more lovely yoga.

On Saturday I did parkrun with 3km tacked on the end. Not the best run I have ever done but not the worst either!

On Sunday I did 5km just fine in the pouring rain and completed my plan for the week!

Week 16 – Block 1 / Week 3

The plan : T – 5km, S – 9.6km, Su – 5km

So I started the week with more biking and a short little easy run. I didn’t manage to fit in the yoga I had planned which was a shame. Tuesday was the first planned training day of the week. I did the rainiest, windiest 5km ever! I felt good throughout even if I was a bit miffed at the weather.

On Tuesday – Thursday there was also, yup, more biking… I can’t believe how strong my legs feel after trying to be consistent with my cycling. Each of these days I also did 2-3km easy runs.

So the plan called for 9.6km Saturday and 5km Sunday. I swapped this around so I did 5km Friday and planned 10km Sunday as the days didn’t work out this week.

Friday was cold and uneventful! Not much to say except it was an average run, testing out some of the kit I will be using.

Sunday I did another 5km with my friend Fiona and it was warm – maybe spring is here?!

It’s a shame they weren’t back to back as they should have been, but it was best to get then done how I could. The run on Sunday was half of what it should have been as we have a race next week and we’ll make it up then.

So this is the end of part 4! Let’s see what the next month brings… Part 5 is here.