Training for : RTTK 2020 (Part 3)

Part 2 can be found here. As with the previous two, I am concentrating on getting fitter, with the anticipation the official plan from the race is starting in Feb (with a few races and therfore modifications to the plan thrown in for good measure along the way)! I have also been working on getting my diet right and losing weight before the ultra. I want to be a healthy weight to reduce the stress I feel in my hips in anything over half marathon distance.

Week 9

2 days to go to do 100km in 8 days… with 21km left to go I was pretty sure I could do it.

Monday was a 13km walk, followed by an 8km run on Tuesday. This meant I had achieved 100km! My legs hurt, my feet hurt but I was so happy with achieving this.

On Thursday I tried a couple of km but my legs had not fully recovered! So I took it easy until Sunday where I got in a couple of km – not the 10 miles I had planned – because of illness.

Week 10

Week 10 already?! It started with a nice, easy buggy run and the legs were feeling a bit more normal after the 100km challenge! I made this a back to back with buggy running on Tuesday, too and my legs were getting there.

I now feel quite good about my fitness and I just want to keep it up until I get my paws on the official training plan. I am also including following a yoga workout at least once a week and post run yoga, as I don’t think my homemade stretching plan was helping enough.

Saturday was miserable but I did some hills! And Sunday was supposed to be a long run, but I did a short one instead. I don’t think I had taken in to account how much the holiday100 would take out of me, so a lower mileage week was just fine.

Week 11

Week 11 started with a good 45 minute yoga session that showed me I’m as flexible as a brick! I followed it up with short back to backs Tuesday and Wednesday and yoga on Friday.

Saturday I did 2 freezing hours, really happy I managed a long run and on Sunday I finished the week with 8km.

Week 12

I have been trying some tools this week to make sure I stay on track and don’t overdo it. I’ll be looking at my Strava relative effort and fitness, along with my Garmin training status and effect. I will also be looking at my HRV through another app to make sure I am properly rested.

Monday was yoga day followed by two easy runs of 3km and 5km, practicing pacing as I signed up to be a 50 min pacer at parkrun!

I’ll start getting results from the HRV app soon, after a few more activities.

Thursday was busy with 12km cycling, 3km run and yoga, then Friday I did 11km cycle and yoga. I’m starting to love the yoga! On Saturday I paced parkrun – I was only 6 seconds ahead of my allocated time and chuffed to bits. It’s really helped me to think about my own pacing too.

Garmin says I’m overreaching at the moment but HRV says I’m OK. I will be keeping an eye on both. Long run Sunday didn’t happen as I was full of cold and I am trying to be sensible!

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