Training for : RTTK 2020 (Part 2)

The plan at the moment is still increasing milage and getting fitter! See part 1 here.

Week 5

Week 5 kicked off with short back to backs of 3km and 2km. I then did 2.5km on Friday with 10km done on Sunday at a nice easy pace. It felt harder than expected, but overall I was happy with this week.

10km done!

Week 6

4 runs this week and all rather short. And I slacked on the cross training… Need to not be so lazy!

I invested in some new road shoes as I had worn my other ones out, so that was lovely. Not much to write about except it was all fine but I should have done more, really.


Week 7

This week was really busy life wise. I am sure you know what it’s like at this time of year!

Unfortunately I twinged my back on Tuesday, so did my planned run on Wednesday but it was shorter than I wanted at 3km. I am now starting to really get to grips with my nutrition – I am halfway to my goal and I want to get as close as possible for this race.

I ran short distances on Thursday and Friday too, increasing my running frequency and getting used to consecutive days.

It rained

On Saturday I did 6km, finishing my 50km total for Run up to Christmas!

Week 8

Monday was with my ultra Buddy, Fe! We did a nice chatty 6km trying out a strategy for our ultra, I don’t think it is going to work but we have lots of time to come up with other things to try!

On Tuesday I started a bit of a challenge – the UltraX holiday100 – 100km to be done between Christmas and New Year’s eve – just 8 days. It could be running or walking, though, but I had no idea if I could do it… I decided to give it my best go and signed up, planning 12.5km a day.

On the first day, the 24th, I ran 10.5km in the morning and managed to get to just under 19km by the evening.

So I was suprised when on Christmas day at parkrun I got all the Strava best efforts (400m, 0.5mi, 1km, 1mi, 2mi and 5km) and an official shiny new PB for 5k by almost 2 minutes.

I finished the second day on just over 10km.

Boxing day I was feeling the effects on my legs, but I do have to run on tired legs so embraced it and finished Thursday on over 13km.

Friday I did 1km up a hill and 1km back down x5, plus another run and some walking during the afternoon to bring me to 15.5km for the day and 6km ahead of schedule, with my elevation gain at 364 meters!

With my glutes hating me on Saturday I managed to run 4.5km at parkrun as photographer as I picked the furthest away point to shoot from! I also got a run in later on in the day.

On Sunday I did a long run with Fe! 13km and the furthest I have run for a while and it was hard but we got it done. I finished this week with 21km to go on my holiday100 challenge.

The back to back running and longer distances have been really good to practice running on tired legs and the idea of just keep going.

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