Training for : RTTK 2020 (Part 1)

In the next few months I am going to be increasing my mileage nice and slowly!

Week 0 – The week before it all kicks off again!

The last week of October / first bit of November, I just got back to running and being active, and thoroughly enjoying my runs. It was a plan free week of just loving running!

I visited the South Downs Way to have a look at what I let myself in for and had a great time in the trees. It also made me realise I need to run up more hills! LOTS MORE HILLS.

Week 1

The official start of my plan to build my fitness! 4 runs at easy pace, just getting used to training again. IT GOT COLD, which I love and everything was looking beautifully autumnal. I foresee wet and cold training ahead…

I had to do some runs in the dark, so got some fancy shoe lights to try in week 2. I’m going to try night runs and early morning to see what works best for me.

Week 2

This week I did a 5k on my own, followed by the Yeti Challenge where I completed 10km and then I did another 5km race, Morun. A busy week and I felt rather unwell and didn’t do as well as I had first hoped for at the Yeti Challenge due to being poorley, but I started to improve by the end of the week.

Week 3

Week 3 started with a freezing cold 5km on Tuesday, with a bit of yoga and rolling thrown in. Wednesday I was so happy I did a km at my usual race pace – currently I aim for just under 8 min/km and I did this with relatively low effort.

I went to see a Podiatrist who recommended insoles and diagnosed quite a lot wrong with my general lower leg area – now I know there are some things I can work on (ankle mobility, calf tightness), some things I need tools to help (flat feet) and some things I have to work around (arthritis). I am going to take all the advice on board and see how it goes.

I never thought of visiting a Podiatrist before (I went with a dodgey toenail) but I highly reccomend it, I have had 2 visits so far and they have helped a lot.

Thursday was another go with the insoles and cross training on the bike, Friday was similar with more cross training and a PT session all about foam roller technique.

On Sunday I did a last minute race at Silverstone!

Week 4

Week 4 kicked off on Tuesday with an easy run that was anything but – I had been neglecting my foam roller so it was my own fault!

I got in 2 more runs this week, a short one and 8km on Sunday, my longest outing as a training run for ages. Pace was slow and nice!

My monthly mileage is double last month, so slowly getting there!

Garmin chose my route – happy

Bring on December!

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