Morun 2019

A cold and drizzly start to this race. Number pickup included a snazzy headband and buff which I was very pleased about!

I chatted to a couple of nice goats for a while and it was soon time to get going.

It was a different route to last year, and I enjoyed it more in general. There seemed to be more offroady bits and non tarmac in general.

The route was well signed and the marshalls were full of encouraging words. For once, I didn’t meet anyone on the way round. This must be a first!

I did however try to assist lots of other runners with an escapee dog, I didn’t manage to catch it though – it was too fast for me, one of the other runners did and stopped it from getting hurt by traffic. Great work.

The only part of the route that got to me a bit was a bit at the end where you were so close to the finish… and then not with another 700m to go and you got sent on another little loop. Thankfully I already guessed by knowing how much distance was left and had a chuckle to myself. And then to the finish…

My splits were very inconsistent in this race – the first 2km at decent pace and the last 3 got progressively slower. I am not sure if it was mental or physical (I am still not 100%), but it is something I really need to work on.

I am fine running on my own, but in races my splits are always like this. I will endeavour to do better!

I came away without a PB but I improved on last year by 5 and a half minutes! Really happy with that progress.