Yeti Challenge 6 hours 2019

This race looked like it was going to be on a beautifully clear crisp autumn day.

We rolled out the front door to consistent, pounding rain! The original plan was a mix between let’s see how far we can go / maybe I could get a half PB?

Off we went, taking twice as long as usual to get to Northampton because of traffic, but we arrived in the nick of time just before the briefing started.

Number pickup was as slick as last time, I said hi to some goats and soon we were off. We took it really easy with walk breaks as my asthma reacts badly to cold weather, too, but I still wanted to give it my best shot.

The park was lovely to run in and a great route was planned out for the race itself. By the time I had reached the turnaround on lap 1 my feet were so wet I really didn’t care about puddles and just barrelled through them!

We were forewarned about the hill that was just grass and came across this slightly ominous sign:

I actually enjoyed this part the most, as much as I like puddle splashing it made my feet cold, whereas mud meant I could warm up a little!

The hill wasn’t as bad as I expected, but I imagine after a few more laps it might have been a different story.

One we got back to the start, we adjusted our kit – new jacket for Fiona and a cap for me and had a nibble at the brilliant snack table.

Off we went for lap 2, and we decided on this lap: yes we have had great fun so far, but didn’t think we could do another, especially as this lap also included quite a bit of walking again as I still wasn’t feeling fantastic.

The other runners were very supportive, with lots of well dones coming our way and we had a good second lap all things considered.

The puddles were a little bigger, the mud was a little muddier but we were still having fun.

So we called it a day after 2 laps and just over 10km, I was not disappointed at all. I have more of these booked I am very much looking forward to, and I got an amazing flapjack again, what’s not to love?