Bedford Twilight 10km 2019

I had been looking forward to this race for ageeeees. Then 2 days before I got a stinker of a cold! I decided I felt OK enough to give it a shot.

We arrived with plenty of time, the race village was excellent with so much to offer – food, beer, live music, cinema and plenty of portaloos.

I wasn’t going for a PB today and I just wanted to get round. In our wave group I met some lovely folk I knew from parkrun and it turns out they were jeffing so I was so happy to have some people to run with.

The race started promptly. I met a lovely lady Vicky who I originally saw at the start a few km in – I ran with her until the end, she really helped get me to that finish line, thank you! We jeffed together as my original crew were a bit too speedy for me.

The only slight grumble I’d have is that near the start of the course are bridges that caused choke points for the runners, but for me it was a fine trade off for the views as I wasn’t PB chasing! If I was I might have been a little miffed.

We ran with various people all round the course and it was great. Fellow runners can be so supportive and lovely.

The views across the park were incredible as the sun was going down, and I took full advantage of my walk portions to get snapping and take in some of the wonderful scenery.

The race felt really well organised – the facilities, start time and on the way round the marshals were superb and all of them were encouraging.

There are a couple of points I felt a little tired towards the end and had to do extra walking on the 30/30 split, but it wasn’t too much.

I was happy with my performance overall.

I had a fantastic time and would love to do it again!

Once home, I discovered something weird had happened to my chip time – it showed a completely wrong time. I have emailed in to get it sorted out. Edit: The timing company responded really really quickly and got me sorted out!

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