Review : Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

My first pair of Brooks were my Cascadia 13 trail shoes. I loved them so much I decided to give road shoes a try too.

You can find all the technical specs and tech info on the website, here I just want to share my thoughts on what they are like to use.

I had gait analysis done that showed I needed a more supportive shoe, just like the last time I had the test done. This model has guiderails to help with stability and I had never tried shoes with this in before.

I was really impressed with the results on the treadmill filming, you could see the improvement in my stability. I never realised I was rolling about so much and honestly never felt it when running – so I can’t comment on how the stability has improved in my road running in general as I don’t seem to be able to feel it! What I can say though is I can go further.

They look a little chunky, but the cushioning on these is great and totally worth looking chunky for. I noticed as soon as I tried them out how soft and springy they felt. I have had random foot pains in the past above 10 km, but even after the Vitality 10,000 I still felt OK!

They are now referred to as my running slippers, and sometimes I wear them when I am not running as they are really comfortable… I think they might just be the comfiest shoes I own.

I have off roaded (not road / pavement but not quite trail) in these shoes quite a bit and not had any issues, they did fine on grass and gravel covered paths too. I didn’t feel like I was about to hit the deck at all. Win!

I was really happy I decided to go ahead and get some of these and I would recommend gait analysis to everyone, as I would never have known I needed more supportive shoes otherwise.

I am always happy to pick these up and go for a run – no pains, rubbing, issues.. and I think that’s a great sign they are the right shoe for me

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