Olympic Park 5k 2019

I was a bit sad I hadn’t entered any races yet this month. So got searching and came across this lovely race in London, a few days before. So I got signed up and off I went!

On arrival, the race number pickup was quick and efficient, no queues!

After a quick warmup the 5k group were called up, in expected finishing time order. So me last! It’s normally where I place myself. One day I will be fast enough to start from the middle. Or even the front… I digress…

And soon we were off. The Olympic Park is very lovely. I had not visited before and I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely surroundings. The marshals on the course were lovely and friendly, and very encouraging.

I was trying to go for a PB today (Strava said yes, chip says no – chips wins!) but after the first km I knew it probably wasn’t going to happen.

I was really hot and it was disgustingly humid! I look like I had just got out of the shower, I am sure…

There was a lovely (!) hill I had to do twice, too, so I binned off the idea of going for a PB in my head and just settled in to a nice rhythm and even took a few photos and walk breaks up the hills. Me and heat don’t mix so well.

I really enjoyed my plod around London and earned a Strava best effort for 400m, 1/2 mi, 1km, 1mi, 2mi and 5km! But as I mentioned, the race PB was not to be, but no worries, there is always next time!

I would definitely do the race again.

Image on the right taken by runthrough.co.uk

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  1. Adrian Glanvill says:

    Nice writeup! The Olympic Park is really pretty and I bet is great to run round!

    Liked by 1 person

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