Review : Brooks Cascadia 13

A few months ago I was on the hunt for my very first pair of trail running shoes. I wasn’t sure what to look for or what brand to buy… or even what features you need on a trail running shoe! So hopefully this review might help someone in the same position to me.

I spent some time researching the type of cushioning, features and the amount of support of various shoes and brands, and had a go in these on a treadmill at the shop I bought them from. I’d highly recommend doing this to find the best shoe for you.

Before I knew about the lace stowaway

I had never worn Brooks before for running, so was extra research-y! I had worn some Ghost 6’s to the gym for a while a few years ago as I got them on clearance but a) didn’t realise they were running shoes and b) didn’t run in them.

I have found it can be hard to branch out once you get to know your shoes!

I bought these just before my 6 hour challenge in the forest, and after the first wear I knew they were going to be a great pair of shoes for me.

On the first wear I got a 1mi best Strava effort and my second fastest ever 5k. On the second wear I got a 10k fastest effort. On the fourth wear I got a 15k fastest effort. On the fifth I got my fastest ever parkrun. And at my challenge, run number 7 – I got best efforts for 10k, 15k 10mi, 20km and half!

To say I was loving these shoes was an understatement, they seem to fit my running style perfectly!

So on to the features! The mudguards have successfully kept debris out of my shoes which is great – no stones or bits have annoyed me. There is a gaiter attachment that I have not had the need to use, and at this point in my trail explorations I don’t see that I will at the moment, but I am sure it is a necessity for others. One day I want to do something adventurous enough to warrant using them!

The feature I got most excited about is the lace guard! You can see it in action on the right. I was so impressed about this little touch that keeps laces out of the mud.

I started wearing them all the time, even for road running. They are really firm and supportive, and it turns out this is what suits me best. It might not be a good match for everyone, but it was for me and I was so relieved I hadn’t bought something and wasted any pennies.

The only thing I would change is I’d like them to come a little higher up on my ankle, I don’t know why but I like shoes that come up high!

I eventually gave in and bought some more Brooks for road so I wouldn’t have to keep using these unnecessarily – some Adrenaline 19’s! But I am definitely a convert!

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  1. Ok, need to take a look at the lace guard!

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    1. Kaz says:

      Yes you do! It’s a ridiculously great feature 🤣👍 I use it even if it’s not muddy 🤭


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