Review : Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set

I had seen people wearing hydration vests but didn’t really know where to start. I knew I am not a fan of bladders and wanted bottles instead and lots of pockets. Very technical! I did a little reading and was overwhelmed with the amount of choice out there. There are so many options…

So, I looked on Amazon, and found a good deal on this vest and decided to give it a go. I’d seen lots of long time runners wearing these so thought it’d be a good one to have a go with.

I am used to wearing a running belt and even had one that held a water bottle, but I thought for my first 24 hour race I needed something a little more substantial and less bouncy for long runs beforehand and also the race itself.

So here it is! It is really comfortable, no bouncing and the bottles came with it along with a handy space blanket. I was impressed with the number of pockets (I love pockets) and the size will last me for a while – I am at maximum stretch but as I lose weight it has the ability to come with me.

The vest is lovely and snug and even on a really hot run it is as breathable as can be.

The bottles took a bit of practice to not get all over myself, but I think this is my inexperience and also clumsiness showing! They are great, I have never used soft bottles before and was really impressed.

The pockets are easily accessible and intuitive as to where you want to put your hands. I have even used mine for storing used gel wrappers!

I would like one more of the side pockets to be zipped as I like to keep my phone in there, but I haven’t lost it yet (touch wood). It sits nice and snugly inside.

There are so many features / straps etc I am sure there is much more to discover (I haven’t even thought about using poles one day) but for a beginner in trails and longer runs this has been excellent.

I have remained hydrated which was aim #1 and carried stuff which was aim #2!

+ It came with bottles – I use on for water and one for hydro
+ I can use the storage where you would put the bladder for other things
+ No bounce
+ I forget I am wearing it

– High price

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