What should I take?! Packing for my first 24 hour race

A few days ago I took part in MK24. I thought long and hard about what was essential and what wasn’t but I still ended up with everything plus the kitchen sink.

Being my first 24 hr race I was pretty clueless on what to take, so if I can help anyone else in the same situation in the future that’s a good thing!

It didn’t help it was sunny / rainy / cold / hot and blustery all at once.

Did I mention I was clueless? OK, just as long as that’s clear…

So this is practically all the running gear I own…

Let’s take a look and see how useful each item was!

1. Reflective jacket & hoodie : Reflective clothes were mandatory for night running, so this one got used. I got a few comments suggesting it was a bit too reflective! The hoodie was also a good idea for the early morning.

2. Headgear : Sun visor, beanie, headtorch and buffs. I should have used the visor but didn’t, I used the buffs and the beanie wasn’t needed, but I would still pack it next time. Headtorch was mandatory and most definitely needed, some of the course was pitch black!

3. Gloves : Not needed this time

4. Multiple running tops : It was so nice to change between laps, and also after it had rained to stay dry

5. Bib clips

Two pairs of shoes, hoping to reduce pressure points on my feet.

1. Gels, recovery drink with shaker and hydration drink : All super useful and used, I should have taken more gels as I found it hard to eat after a while, even with all the cake on offer

2. Suncream and sunglasses

3. Waterproof bag (in vest) : RockTape, vaseline, tissues, space blanket, hair bands, paracetamol and blister stick. I only used the RockTape to tape up my feet in hotspots before running, but I was happy to have it with me just in case. It all fit in an old first aid kit bag, that was waterproof, just in case of downpours

4. Headphones, Garmin and cables : Garmin and phone cables a must have!

1. Running vest : With soft flasks – one water and one Hydro. And a selfie stick that I forgot I had with me!

2. All the leggings : Reflective ones for night running and others to change after laps / rain just like the tops

3. Battery packs : For the cables! One small enough for the vest and the big one for serious charging

4. Snacks : TREK and Milky Way bars. Yum!

Not pictured: All the underwear, big coat and standard going away bits (like a hairbrush)!

I hope this was useful 🙂

In summary : Just take all the stuff.

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