MK24 2019

I entered this race with my furthest distance for a running race being a half marathon and my furthest walking event was a marathon.

I had in my mind I would be going for 2 laps, a half marathon. Then I was told there was a pin badge to be earnt for half, full and ultra marathon distances. So… yeah, let’s do an ultra distance over 24 hours!

I really want to do race to the king / tower / stones one day, so I thought this would be perfect to get a feel for what 50km is actually like and decide if it’s for me and if I want to go further – and I would only ever be a few km from HQ if it got too much. And I could take pit stops whenever I felt like it, and for as long as I wanted.

The laps were 10.541 km and I was going to employ a walk / run strategy. They took in many amazing views across Milton Keynes.

This was how I did it:

Lap 1: Walk
Short break to get water
Lap 2: Run
Longish break of a couple of hours, time to eat
Lap 3: (sunset) Run / Walk
Long break of 6 hours to sleep
Lap 4: Run
Short break to stuff myself with cake
Lap 5: Walk / shuffle

So it was basically half marathon, 10k, half marathon!

The snack tent was amazing, the clocking in and out of each lap was smooth and the whole time it felt really well organised.

Lap 1 & 2
There was rain, sun, wind and it was hot, cold, hot. Typical British summer?

Photo : Digifire Photography

Lap 1 we used to get our bearings and lap 2 was a little tough going after that but we got it done! Time to rest for a little while and have dinner.

Lap 3
We set off again for the sunset lap – reflective gear and head torches at the ready!

It was wonderful seeing all the sights as the sun went down and I was very happy to get some great photos. We finished at just after half past 11, then off to sleep for a few hours.

Lap 4 & 5
These were killer laps. They were really hard going, and after number 4 I even debated not doing number 5, but I ate 2 cupcakes, a brownie and a cookie and inspected the pin badge again. Let’s go…

I think the 5th lap was the slowest 10km I have ever walked. But it got done – 10km is 10km! My heels felt bruised and sometimes it was easier on my body to run than it was to walk, as planned. By 1km in on lap 5 I was struggling. But…


I have also written about packing and the stuff you might need for a 24hr race!

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  1. Well done Kaz, an amazing achievement!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kaz says:

      Thank you 💕


  2. Love both the equipment/kit list blog and the run report. Great writeups and a great weekend. Woah I had done it and just carried the cameras around with me instead!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kaz says:

      Thanks mate 👍


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