Race for Life 2019

This is the first race I ever did in 2018 to raise money for CRUK.

I trained hard for it, and was completely shattered at the end.

This year I could tell my fitness has improved and I am going to have to up my game next time to 10km to raise money!

We arrived at the venue with 45 mins until the start, and joined the queue for race number collection. I think they may have had a number of last minute entries (so great for them!), as my better half got a hastily changed 10k bib. But no problems, we still got to race!

Soon we were on our way and the start was quite busy of course – I walked a lot of it as I wasn’t worried about time at all. I didn’t want to be dodging people too much and just wanted to enjoy the course and atmosphere.

It is a beautiful route and I had a lovely time walking / running / jogging / chatting around!

It is for such a worthwhile cause and it makes me quite emotional reading everyone’s reasons for walk/jog/running.

I think it is also great they now let men run in Race for Life. It meant my better half could join in this year, too.

At the end we got a medal, water and brioche and I wasn’t completely knackered. Progress!

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