Adidas City Run 1 hour 2019

This was a great race for me, and an opportunity to test how much improvement I have had since I started running.


Up with the birds at a crazy hour we went to London and arrived, as instructed, a little before our wave started.

On the way I was supposed to have breakfast and a drink and it just didn’t happen – so ended up running fasted! Not a great plan, but that’s how it was…

Out of the tube and we were straight in to seeing the first wave of runners and seeing everyone cheering – it was a great way to know we were in the right place. We found it a little confusing which way to go to the race village at first.

Once we had found our bearings we used the bag drop – quick and efficient and nothing to worry about. I had been concerned there might be a large line, but nope!


There was time for a few selfies, a trip to the loo (abandoned because… queues) and we were in the start pen. Still slightly needing a wee, but hey… I was hoping it would pass!

After the obligatory warm up it was time to get going.

I had decided to run the first mile, and walk / run where needed and take the rest.

The first mile went swimmingly and I was shocked by my first km pace.


Normally I run at about 9 min 30 /km and I clocked up a 7 min 38 / km! I think perhaps it is one of those times where you get carried away and start too hard…

After this I walked when I needed to and pushed the whole way – Strava tells me it was a big effort and I averaged 8 min 40 / km. Very happy with that.


There was a water station where you could grab a cup as you passed, I used this twice and it was very welcome. The guys handing it out did a good job and I didn’t have to slow down too much if I didn’t want to.

The route had countdown clocks and I saw we were coming to an end just as I passed mile 4 – no time to get another 0.1 in!

Water in a can, peanut butter bars, coconut water and a massive medal at the end… yum.

I came away with a PB for 400m, 1/2 mile and 1km.

After the race we also got some great race photos too… I would have liked them to be a little higher quality, but as they were included in the price so you can’t really moan!

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