Best of 2018

I started the year as not a runner (at all) and discovered a love for it while starting my weight loss journey.

I have improved my 5km time from over an hour, to 46:51 and I hope to improve still on this time. I discovered a love of virtual races and real life ones too, and I have raised more money for charity this year than I ever expected – both through sponsorship and entering virtual races.

So, on to the bling! Here is my top 8 this year.

8. POW! Virtual Running Donut Dash 5k
I entered this one just to prove to myself I could actually do 5km before my first ever race in real life, Race for Life. A lovely medal and I was so happy I did it!

7. MoRun 10k
I signed up for both the real life 5km MoRun and the 10km virtual. I didn’t want to do the 10km in real life just yet, as I was concerned I might not meet the cutoff and I was going to be near the back doing the 5km anyway! One of my goals in the future will be to do the 10km MoRun in person.

6. Hogwarts Running Club Half Giant Half
This one there was a lot of walking… it was mainly walking really, but I completed the distance for the very first time!

5. Race at Your Pace 100 Mile Challenge
This month was my highest mileage to date, and I was a bit nervous about being able to do 100 miles (160km). I got there and I was knackered afterwards! I built up each month from 25 miles adding on 25 each time.


The top 8

4. POW! Virtual Running Wham! 1 Mile
The first of 5 distances from this set, I decided to get my bum in gear to set a good example for small one and was looking for something fun to do as part of my weight loss journey. Having just run on the treadmill and stumbling across the 1mi to marathon series I got all inspired to give running a proper go.

I completed each distance – 1 mile, 5km, 10km, half and marathon to complete the set. It was a slow slow mile, but it helped on the way to getting bitten by the running bug!

3. CRUK Race for Life
My first ever 5km in person. I completed my goal of doing this in under an hour and realised real life races aren’t so scary after all. See my blog about this one here.

2. MoRun 5k
This was the first ever race I had turned up to alone and had a great time. And the medal is a mustache so… yeah… it had to be in my top 8. See my blog about this one here.

1. CRUK Shine Night Walk
See my blog about this one here. This was the hardest challenge I have ever done, but I am so proud of myself getting to this point in 2018.

Next up, 2019 and completing the goals I set for myself. I see lots of virtual and real life racing in my future!

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