MoRun 2018

Feel the love

I arrived at MoRun by myself and was really worried about doing this on my own. So this then meant I was stupidly early and freezing cold, with no car to go back to as I had got a lift. So I got busy making friends to pass the time. There was lots of interesting people to talk to and everyone was very friendly.

I particularly enjoyed the fancy dress awards, and soon it was time for the mini MoRunners to be on their way, and they all seemed to love it!


I lined up next to a lady and we got chatting – soon we realised we were way too far forward for our perceived abilities! Oops! So I kept very much to the left once we got underway.

Once we were about 1km in for the 5k I soon discovered this race for me was great fun, but I struggled all the way round, having to take frequent walk breaks. I have asthma that plays up in the cold, so was happy to finish (and get the amazing mustache medal!).

There was also hills, and even a slight incline was a struggle for me at this race.

I met a funny couple at the back of the pack with me who said they had done couch to 5k – but in one day at this race! I hope they enjoyed it!

Not every day goes to plan, but I still had a great time, even if I was a little disappointed in my performance – this was a similar time to my first ever 5km run in the summer and I had definitely improved fitness and time wise, but it just wasn’t to be!

I would say to anyone nervous about going to a race alone, DO NOT WORRY! Runners are such a friendly bunch, and soon you will be running in your zone anyway!

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