The Color Run 2018

The Color Run is one of those I kept seeing on Facebook, Instagram etc and thought it looked really fun. I was too unfit to take part and too nervous to try. In my year of losing weight, getting fit and doing things I have not done before I decided to give it a go.

Up bright and early we headed to London, and soon found ourselves… well, me really… buying socks as a memento. Love a good bit of merch…

I was worried about having asthma and running this one, but the buff they provided in the race pack was enough to cover my face and keep everything OK on the day, although I am sure people would react in different ways to the powder, so it might not be OK for everyone.

The fun was at the different gates and getting pelted by different colours – the route itself was a little lackluster and quite industrial.

There was lots of stopping at each colour area, so there wasn’t much chance of doing this quickly – there was families with buggies and little ones having a go (which was great to see) and also lots of walkers, too. So don’t be afraid of being “too slow” slow like I was if you want to give it a try.

My favourite area had to be the “foam zone”, this was a lot of fun to go through, and would have made for great photos if my better half was around (he is much faster than me, so opted to go ahead).

It was around this point I lost my train ticket (argh) pulling my phone out of my pocket, so I had to double back about 500m until I found it, covered in colour on the ground! So I got some extra distance, and I am sure some people thought I was a little odd. But those things are expensive…

At the end my t-shirt looked like a unicorn had thrown up on me, I guess that is the aim of the game.

And we are done!

The only downside was I was wearing running shoes, and they quickly became soggy and rather unpleasant. This did not diminish my fun, I just changed in to my souvenir socks once it was time to head home.

This was a great experience, but I think it’s a one off and I wouldn’t repeat, as I have done it now and there is a certain novelty factor.

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